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Monday, November 30, 2020

Animals are Awesome!

This year is like the wind-dispersed seed - it's flying by! Plant concepts have taken root in our brains and now animals are hot on our trails. Here is a list of vocabulary that will be covered in this unit: life cycles (simple, metamorphosis, etc.), life spans, habitats, adaptations (physical & behavioral) and food chains (predators & prey). Also, check out the links on the right to view various animal videos. The National Geographic "animals & pets" section is absolutely fascinating!

That's "Eggs"actly Our Point!

5th Graders have been working hard to uncover some big ideas and have incorporated some awesome science vocabulary in the process. We now know what happens when you simultaneously drop two items of different masses from the same height.  Not only do we know the results, but we know the science behind it! Students are gearing up to apply their knowledge from the gravity drop tests and from our earlier seed dispersal creations to creating egg drop structures! The goal is to drop an egg contained in a home-made structure (from a height of 6 feet or more) and not have it crack! Want to challenge your brain with regards to all of this? If so, check out the link on the side titled "elephant and feather." (and then try out "elephant & feather - air resistance.")

Monday, September 21, 2020

First Unit for 4th Grade: Plants

The 4th Grade curriculum starts off with the teaching of plants. September through November includes the study of the six different plant parts and their functions. Seed dispersal, germination, the plant life cycle, photosynthesis, pollination, and seasons will all closely be investigated. 

Are You Ready for Some SCIENCE!?!?!

Welcome Back Scientists! 

I hope you all had a wonderful summer vacation!  Hopefully you found a chance to explore the wonders of nature on those beautiful sunny days or took the opportunity to set up some experiments at home on the rainy ones. In any case, be prepared to get your Science senses stimulated! 

This webpage is a great resource for you and your families! There are links on the right that will take you to great online resources where you can play games, watch videos and learn about more cool Science stuff! The tabs at the top are specific to your grade level. Click there to learn more about what's going on with your specific curriculum and classes.  

So be sure to show your parents this site - and don't forget to bookmark it! Also get in the habit of checking it regularly - it contains loads of great information! 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Scientific Method

5th Graders are focusing on the The Scientific Method. We will be doing a number of exciting investigations to familiarize ourselves with this process. Please be sure to review these steps over the next couple weeks. The goal is to be able to explain the order of this process and give a general description of each step. If you write me a list of these steps as a way to review and put it in my classroom mailbox (with your name & class number on it), I'll give you a Mister "E" Microscope slip!

The Scientific Method
The process scientists use to get to the bottom of their questions.

Step 1: Ask a Question
  • Be sure it lends itself to experimentation
  • Don’t forget to use a  “?” at the end
Step 2: Observe & Research
  • Use your senses
  • Use prior knowledge
  • Use resources – Internet, books, interview professionals
Step 3: State your Hypothesis
  • Say what you think and WHY!
  • “Because” must be in your hypothesis
Step 4: Design the Investigation
  • List of all materials (bulleted)
  • List of all procedures (numbered)
  • Then carry it out!
Step 5: Collect & Analyze Results
  • Take written notes (a well documented journal)
  • Take visual notes (sketches, photos, charts, graphs)
Step 6: Discuss your Findings
  • What happened in general?
  • Why do you think it happened?
  • Were there any errors?
Step 7: Make Conclusions
  • Overall, state what you learned
  • Revisit your hypothesis (don’t change it if wrong)
  • Ask a new question to repeat the process!